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I have been a finance blogger since my graduation which makes me a bit different from other bloggers in my niche. I aim to provide practical advice to my readers without getting into the complexities of understanding the economy.


    Thus, connecting with my readers becomes even more essential as I have to create content that gets easily understood plus adds value to their life. I don’t want to publish articles which do not relate to my audiences. It is my privilege to talk to you and understand who I am writing for.

    To keep things simple here are some ways to connect with me.

    By “getting in touch.”

    I have installed a specific page on the website with the same name. It is the easiest and most effective way to contact me over anything that troubles you.  I have been dealing with clients for a long time now and have heard almost all the issues people face regarding their financial condition.

    I have helped people in setting and achieving their financial goals. When you contact me directly, I have the authority to know every small detail about you to resolve any problem you might have.

    Again, I am also open to discussing matters related to finance and other daily struggles you might be going through. I want to be seen as a helping hand that will take care for you in need.

    By writing for me

    You can take advantage of the contribute section and submit authentic articles on my website. I am willing to polish your writing skills and improve the writer within you. The better articles will be published on the site with proper credits.

    It is likely that I will make changes to the articles to make them more universally appealing, but the originality will not be compromised.

    Again, you will become a published author on a relevant website which might even kick-start your career as a professional writer. Furthermore, casual write-ups are also encouraged and can be issued depending on their content and writing style.

    If you’re a little unsure about the type of topics that we accept here at the cheap girl, I’ve included a list below.

    • Stock trading
    • Investment banking
    • Money saving tips
    • Budgeting advice
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Car insurance
    • Home insurance
    • Debt advice
    • Loans and credit cards
    • Mortgage management
    • ISAs

    By following me on social media

    I am regularly active on all my social media handles, be it Facebook or Twitter.  You can send me direct messages or can comment, like and share my posts. I will be thankful for every step you take to increase the engagement of the pages.

    Apart from that, you will also get a sneak peek into my personal life and the way I manage my everyday life. You will also be coming across interactive media and discussion panels that will educate and entertain you at the same time.

    You can also mention me using my website’s name in your hashtags. I currently serve a decent community of readers who have joined me on various online platforms. You can be the next person to enjoy the merits of being entitled to savings.

    Hence, you can use all these platforms to get in touch with me. I have a hectic schedule but will try not to let you down.