Is Now a Good Time to Join the Property Ladder?

You might be asking yourself what the property ladder is and whether you are in one already or not. The property ladder is a term used in real estate describing the relative difference between cheaper and more expensive housing and property.

It is an individual’s or family’s development from a first time cheaper housing at the bottom of the property, to a dream home at the top of the ladder. These property(s) can be set aside for sale at some point in the lifetime.

From that definition, you can understand whether you are on the ladder or which step you are at of the property ladder. Property is always a huge investment that adds value to your life and should be pondered on seriously. Just as people ask themselves on the question on when is the right time to get married? When is the right or best time to join the property ladder?

Just like marriage, there is no best time to get to buy a house or a home. The property market is eligible to people of all ages as long as you feel the time is right and have some money to spare. However, there are a few things that can help you decide on the next step.

Renting vs buying

Renting property is a place where most of us start. This is because it is what we can afford at that moment due to our status. However, it turns out to be expensive in the long run. After adequate research, most of the people discover that paying monthly mortgages is quite cheaper than paying rent. This is because, as inflation rises, the rental prices rise, however, the lease remains the same. Therefore, when done paying the mortgage, you own the house, unlike a rental space.

A potential source of income

Unlike a car, property always adds value as time elapses. Therefore, if you are thinking of an investment, then the property ladder is the place for you. Depending on the location and the size of the house with the amenities, an individual can get extra income when renting it or selling it eventually. If younger, you can get roommates who make rent payments living with you. Money paid can be a source of your income and can be used to make the mortgage payments. The property has always been on demand, and will still be.


When you buy a house, you guarantee yourself some financial security. Even if you do not invest in anything else especially when you are young. You will get that within the next twenty to thirty years you will have a fully paid off property. This property can be a constant stream of income, especially in the future. Getting on to that property ladder especially when younger gives you significant financial freedom in the future.

However, the best time to join the property craze is now, for you to reap more benefits in the future. You will be happy that you started soon instead of waiting for an epiphany in some years come, more so if you are younger.  

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