How to Get Cheap Insurance This New Year?

The holiday season is the best time to reflect on the years gone by and take a corrective measure in our life. It is also a great time to compare car insurance quotes at It will help you save a few bucks and start the new year on a beautiful and more financially savvy note. So, let’s get started with the Cheap Girl guide to saving on insurance.

Shop around

I know this is the most difficult part about finding insurance policies but if you do it right, you wouldn’t have to worry about other steps in the process. At Cheap Girl, I believe that good research is what segregates a smart person from an average joe. So, I try to keep my research in great shape. Whenever I buy a product, I always research everything possible about it. Some people think I am crazy for researching the ingredients of a shampoo. But hey! That’s what keeps me safe from bad chemicals and bad hair days.

Before buying insurance, you should always shop around. This is especially true in the case of life insurance and car insurance. These two are your greatest assets and you should get a decent amount reimbursed to you if something goes wrong. Since insurance policies are never short-term, you will be stuck with an insurance provider for a fairly long duration. Therefore, good research is a must.

Find the top three plans

If you go to some insurance comparison websites, you will find the top three plans rated by experts according to “general needs”. However, I believe in finding the cheapest and most comprehensive plans according to “my needs.” Let’s take an example. A car is a quickly depreciating asset which means that the insurance plan which was good for it in the first year, doesn’t necessarily fit it in the third year.

So, find a plan that fits your needs and avoid going for “recommended” plans which are usually sponsored by the insurance providers themselves. You don’t want to end up in that trap.

Grill the insurance provider

As soon as you plan to get insurance, you will meet an insurance service executive who will coerce you into buying a plan that has more unnecessary features and a higher payment. Don’t fall for these sweet tactics and follow the Cheap Girl method. Simply start grilling the executive with relevant questions. Ask them how you would be treated in different scenarios, what happens if you renew your insurance from the same provider and so on. Most executives are ill prepared for these questions and don’t have a good answer readily available. If they can’t answer your questions properly, you are likely buying an insurance plan that doesn’t fit your unique needs.

I have wasted hundreds of dollars on insurance that could have easily be parked in my savings bank account. At this moment, that amount would have earned a decent interest for me instead of filing the coffers of the insurance company. Don’t make the same mistakes that I made and make sure you make a good financial decision this New Year.

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