Do Money-Making Apps Actually Work?

If you haven’t figured it out by now then you’ll be rather intrigued to learn that there are essentially two classes of “work-from-home” type opportunities through which you can earn some extra money remotely. These two classes are those such opportunities which actually work and those that simply don’t work. Often the ones that do work are free to join and make money with, while those that don’t work require some kind of investment.

So if you have to pay someone for a training course to teach you how to make money online or show you their “secret formula,” chances are it won’t work for you. After all, they’re probably making their money by selling this opportunity instead of using what they claim it does to actually generate their profits. But now the problem with those online income opportunities that do work is that you can’t really make some serious money or even the kind of money that could have you doing these things on a full-time basis to earn your basic living wage.

So there are indeed many money-making apps that do actually work to earn their users money, but most of them are limited in terms of the income which can be earned. Don’t despair though or look the other way and run, dismissing it as a hopeless case. You need to dig a little deeper to make these already existing, proven income generation channels more lucrative and it definitely can be done.


So it’s true – you can only complete a certain number of surveys in a day (of those which are actually made available to you, of course) with online money making apps such as iPoll. Similarly, just how much money can you actually make with an app such as Slidejoy, which pays you $1 for every 1,000 times you use your smartphone’s lock screen slider? Not much, by any stretch of the imagination.

So, while these apps are slow to have you building up any real money you can write home about, you can increase your earnings by referring other users to them. At least that ensures some of the earnings you make from these money making apps are passive.


Now, you can score big with those money-making apps that can be scaled-up, such as Callmart. Callmart is an app that enables you to make extra money by selling your free time, call by call, which means you simply download the app and earn money from anybody who calls you.

How do you get people to call you then, keeping in mind that you need to be transparent about the fact that they would effectively be billed by the minute at predetermined rates? That’s where the value-scaling comes into play, for instance, if you blog or vlog about the fitness niche, perhaps you can give one-on-one consultations via the app, for which the billing will be automated in that way.

Find out more about the technical details of the app.

So these are indeed some of the make money online apps that actually do work, but you need to put in a little more effort and perhaps some creative thinking to extend those possible earnings.

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