Credit advice

Credit advice

Electronic Funds Transfer Act – Know the Basics

The Electronic Funds Transfer Act was passed in 1978 and approved by President Jimmy Carter, which establishes the rights and responsibilities of both parties …

cc payment

What will Happen When you Miss a Credit Card Payment?

When you miss a credit card payment, it is not the end of your financial life. Credit card companies do not report late payments …

Credit advice

What are the Major Credit Score Risk Factors?

There is a lot of confusion with regard to what are the major credit score risk factors. There is really just a few really …

boost credit score

How to Boost Credit Score

There clearly is a vast flood of information out there on the Net about how to boost credit score. The really great thing is …

Credit advice

How to Use Credit Cards for Debt Reduction

Finding the best ways to use credit cards for debt reduction has been something that everyone has wondered about for years. The reason this …

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