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One of the main reasons for having created this blog stemmed from a very difficult question a straight-talking and dear friend of mine asked me right after I graduated, which was that of why all graduates in academic fields of study such as Economics weren’t millionaires.

After all, if you pay tens of thousands of pounds to get a degree in a field of study that claims to teach you how the economy works, wouldn’t you expect to have some expert-level knowledge you can actually apply to your favour?

Instead people become brokers, financial advisors, etc…

Hello and welcome to my blog – The Cheap Girl, which is a personal finance blog covering personal finances as part of the broader topic. I’m Victoria Field, privileged to be able to say that I’ve lived part of my life in two of the world’s most powerful economic centres, New York City and London!

These days I make my home in the north of London and I’m happy to report that I only still go into the office to work in the heart of the financial sector out of the drive I have to try and bring about the change I want to see in the financial sector. As it currently is, the financial sector largely favours the big players who are essentially in control of the way we’re made to think about our personal finances and since I’ve worked a few years in the claims approval division of an insurance company as part of my experience, I know how painful it can be to be the victim of the greed of the biggest financial institutions.

Imagine having to just find a way to deny the claim of a certain client, no matter how diligently they paid their insurance premiums, based solely on the fact that certain quotas have to be met and the threshold for approving claims has supposedly been maxed out!

Yes, you can perhaps refer to me as somewhat of a martyr in the fight against financial elitism, which is why I cannot mention the specific sector within the field of finances I currently work in or in fact the firm I work at, or position. You, the victims of the system wouldn’t have an insider to gain access to the trade secrets, otherwise!

Why this blog?

I’ve perhaps already given quite a bit away as to what this blog is all about, but it goes a lot deeper than just acting as an agent who works as an insider in the financial sector, coming away with the modus operandi to bring you information you can use in the fight-back. I am otherwise just an ordinary gal who is trying to make her own way in the world, so I’ll be featuring content which transcends the financial sector.

Additionally, I won’t necessarily be the only contributor to the content published on this blog as there are many sources of some good information I truly believe my readers can get some great value out of in our collective fight against a system which has pitted us all against each other.

Above all else, my ultimate aim is to present you with some actionable advice on practical topics related to the financial system which you can use in your everyday life, without having to gain a deeper understanding of the associated academics. So in a sense I am making use of what is usually quite a tainted piece of paper in my finance-sector qualification to try and stem the flow of greed, manipulation and mass programming of people who are just trying to make their way in the world too.

So every time you visit this blog for some actionable advice you can use in your life, expect to find the likes of frugality tips, tips on how to save on shopping, advice on going into business and how to handle debt, etc. Sometimes we’ll feature some news pieces, whether they’re those I deem “newsworthy” or those which we can use for educational purposes, so I hope you can come away with something valuable you can make good use of every other time you come and check out this blog.

We will win this battle yet, together!

Success stories

“After losing my job I was worried about paying my mortgage, thankfully I had built a strategy from some of the articles on here and all is good.”

Julia Moore

“I took Victoria's advice and was amazed how much I managed to save over 3 years.”

Olivia Holmes

"Thanks Vic! I saved for the holiday of a lifetime by using some of your strategies!"

Maria Anna

"Completely new to the investment game, learned loads from this site and now have some real growth opportunities."

Roberto Lopez

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