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Work-related stress affects a large number of workers, leading to low productivity and performance. Workers are at their most efficient in the office when they are happy and relaxed. At high or low levels of stress, productivity is significantly low. This shows how important it is to be smart about managing stress and to ultimately ensure that you are a productive worker.

Here are tips for working smarter with less stress:

Trim Your To-Do List

Many experts on stress and productivity advocate the importance of working with a to-do list to increase productivity. However, the very reason for doing this is negated when your list is filled up with insignificant tasks that take up your time. Maintain a lean list by only focusing on important and urgent tasks for the day first.  You can direct your focus to the insignificant ones when you are done with the major ones.

Measure Your Results, Not Your Time

A common mistake made by employees is to focus on the time it takes to get work done instead of the overall results of that work. Placing importance on presence and action over results leads to a culture of laziness and inefficiency in the long run.

A good way to counter this is to introduce “done lists”. This is a log of tasks completed in a day by each employee. This keeps you more focused and motivated to get more work done. It will also give you as an employer an idea of how well work is being completed in the office.

Complete One Task at a Time

Studies carried out by experts show that switching between tasks has an adverse effect on productivity. Besides the increased levels of stress, you may momentarily lose track of your progress and require a bit of time to catch up. Break each large task into smaller ones and focus on getting one done at a time.

Have an Attitude Adjustment

A positive attitude has a great effect on productivity. A good attitude at work helps you set proper standards at work and make decisions easily. Come to work every day with a happy attitude and eager to contribute your bit to the company’s growth. When you feel too worked up or stressed by life admin, you can take a short break and resume when you are feeling better.

Create and Stick to a Routine

This is one major characteristic of successful people. They work with routines. When we set routines, we get more work done in less time because we do not need to think or plan for them. The body feels less stressed, even though more work is done.

When you make work more automatic this way, you work smarter and achieve more. Routines and automated habits are the main secrets to staying less stressed while being more productive.

As a final tip, focus more on the work that you enjoy doing. It helps you to do more while feeling less stressed. Take some time off, once in a while, and come back stronger and refreshed. These will help you spend less time/energy at work and still be more productive.

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